My Civic and Political Activities

Many people running for elected office have a history of civic activities within their communities.  I am a passionate supporter of the rights of children, women, American families and the elderly. Throughout my life, I’ve been active in organizations and as an individual, lending my support to these important social causes.  These are just some examples.

  • Guardian ad Litem – Certified by the Ohio Courts
  • Child Advocacy Programs
  • Executive Committee Member, Pikaway (Ohio) County Public Schools
  • Editor of the Parent-Child League for Madison County, OH Hospital System
  • Drug Abuse Counselor, National Advocate and Speaker
  • Activist Lobbying Congress and Federal Agencies to Improve Funding for Drug Abuse and Prevention Programs for our Nation’s Schools
  • Personally Funded Programs to Feed and Clothe Children in Savannah Neighborhoods – 2009, 2010 and 2011

My political activities have involved local and national candidates for political offices.  I’ve worked diligently to help advance the proposition that “America can do better” and have worked tirelessly for several major national campaigns.

  • Gore – Lieberman 2000
  • Hillary Clinton for President 2007 – 2008
  • Obama – Biden 2008