What I Stand For

My family has been active in farming, labor unions and the U.S. military. My grandfather was a WW II U.S. Army veteran, decorated with the Bronze Star.  My father was a member of the Iron Workers Union, and my son is a member of the Teamsters Union.  My husband is involved in medical research, and has helped develop many important medicines used by Americans and people around the world.

My husband and I have created small (and large) businesses in Ohio, New Jersey and Savannah, and have worked together to create scores of local jobs.

I am passionate about helping the less fortunate, and doing what it takes to help all Americans live healthy and properous lives.

I’m also an advocate for businesses, and have helped large businesses to grow, and devoting time and energy to establishing thriving, small businesses.

Staunchly pro-family, I support equal treatment, and rights, for all citizens.


I believe if we all work together for the values we share; we will have strong communities and a stronger nation.

Please contact me about your concerns concerning your Congressional District.

Give me your support, and I will give you change – change for the better, for America.

Vote Messinger for change on November 6th.